Stone is a natural building material with a long history of durability, beauty and prestige.
Add value to your home or business by using the most timeless building material......genuine stone.
Bandera Stone, Inc. is a family owned and operated business providing natural stone products to the building industry.  A second  
generation stone mason prior to founding Bandera Stone in 1988, Don Pemberton has an intimate knowledge of all aspects of stone and its
use as a building material.  He can assist you in selecting the stone best suited for your application whether new construction, remodel or

In addition to being the exclusive quarrier of Winterset®, Osage Creme®, Bandera®, Worland Rustic®, Mosage, and Blackjack stones,
Bandera Stone Inc also has a fully equipped fabrication shop.  We can produce accent pieces (such as: sills, lintels, quoins, keystones,
hearths & mantels, fireplace surrounds); countertops; pool coping; floor tiles and natural flagstone flooring; signage; landscape stones and
wall stone; cap stone; dimensional cut veneer, machine split veneer and thin-cut veneer.

Genuine stone is a versatile building material that is suited to all architectural & design styles from the very modest and natural to the
most opulent.  Many different appearances can be achieved depending upon the color, type and cut of the stone as well as the manner in
which it is installed.  Stone can be used extensively as veneer or moderately as accent pieces to compliment brick, stucco or wood.   At
Bandera Stone each order is custom produced to your exact specifications to ensure that your project is unique.

Bandera Stone, Inc. is a member of Allied Stone Industries, the Natural Stone Council and The Stone Foundation