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We sell premier genuine stone veneers, custom cut and engraved stone, landscaping stone, gravel and more, for residential and commercial projects.

Bandera Stone, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company providing dimension building stone and crushed stone products.  A second-generation stonemason prior to founding Bandera Stone in 1988, Don Pemberton has extensive knowledge of all aspects of stone and its use as a building material.  At Bandera Stone, we take pride in offering unique stones and quality craftsmanship in our custom fabrication to ensure your home or business makes a distinct and lasting impression.  Choosing to use genuine stone will add elegance and value above cost to your home.  Located in the very heart of America, our building stone can be shipped anywhere in the country to grace your project no matter its location.

The Bandera Sandstone Quarry was first opened in the early 1860s and its flagstone was sent via rail for use as a paving material for sidewalks all across the Midwest and Central Plains.  In the last 30+ years, Bandera Stone, Inc. has expanded beyond the original sandstone quarry and additionally operates three limestone quarries in the Southeast Kansas/Southwest Missouri area.  We have a cut stone mill and thin-veneer line at our Redfield, Kansas location and in 2018 added a crushed stone plant at our Bronson, Kansas quarry to eliminate stone waste by turning it into agricultural lime and gravel products. We also stock several other types of limestone from the Midwest and can match for restoration, historical renovation, or additions to existing stone projects.

All of the materials you will find at Bandera Stone, Inc. are real, genuine stone, which means they are naturally eco-friendly and free from added chemicals or other undesired ingredients.  Genuine stone can maintain its durability and exquisite appearance for thousands of years and is sustainable, recyclable and the ultimate green building product.      

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