Full-Depth Veneer Stone

Ever since the first buildings were constructed thousands of years ago, stone has been the preferred building material.  Its durability and beauty make it a natural choice for quality, long-lasting, low maintenance construction. If you want a material that will stand the test of time, provide structural strength and insulating value, and offer the most versatility of design, choose genuine full-bed veneer stone. 

Full-bed veneer is 3”-5” thick and is sold by the ton.  Our full-bed stone is stacked on pallets and wrapped in wire with each pallet weighing approximately 4,000 pounds.  Please refer to the Technical Data page for coverage details.

1. Standard full-bed veneer is machine-chopped into squares and rectangles and is typically installed in a random ashlar pattern.  By request, it can also be chopped into strips with lengths 1.5 to 3 times the height.

2. Sawn-Bed full veneer is sawn on the top and bottom to your specified heights and can be installed in a 3 or 4 rise pattern or in a coursed style.  You can request sawn heights that allow for a joint, or heights for a zero joint dry stack installation.

3. Rubble veneer is machine chopped but is rougher with some odd shapes and angles or rounded stones, and there may be an occasional sawn edge.  Rubble is usually smaller in size than a standard chopped veneer. It is usually installed in a web-wall or mosaic pattern; joints can range from a zero/dry stack to a wide over-grouted joint for an old-style or French country appearance.

Within each of these three style formats, a multitude of “looks” can be achieved and the exact same stone can have a quite different appearance depending upon factors such as the pattern of installation, joint size and color, and personal style or skill of the mason doing the installation. 

Click on the pictures below to visit the photo gallery for of each veneer stone.

Winterset Limestone
Winterset® Limestone
Osage Creme Limestone
Osage Creme® Limestone
Worland Rustic Limestone
Worland Rustic® Limestone
MoSage Limestone
Wilkshire Limestone
Bandera® Sandstone
Blackjack Sandstone
Custom Blends


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