Thin-Cut Veneer Stone

Thin-cut veneer stone is sawn on the back side to thicknesses of 1”-1.75” (depending upon the stone).  The face retains the same rock appearance and durability as full depth veneer. Thin veneer is installed using a bonding agent mixed in with the mortar to adhere the stone to the wall. With a maximum weight of 15 pounds per square foot, thin veneer needs no additional structural support.  Among the advantages of thin-cut veneer is ease of installation, it’s lightweight and doesn’t take up much space so it’s ideal for interior use. Plus, the reduced weight allows stone to be shipped more affordably. All of our thin-cut veneer is made from genuine stone extracted directly from the Earth.  We do not sell “manufactured”, “faux” or “cultured” stone which are synthetic-made products constructed from concrete and coloring agents.

Thin veneer is sold by the square foot for Flats and by the linear foot for Corners. Corners are used to wrap around outside corners of your home with a single piece of stone. Typically, one side will be 5”-12” long with a return on the other side of 3”-5”.  Our thin veneer is packaged in sturdy crates made of wood and wire, with 165’ of flats per crate, or 100’ of corners per crate. Note: unlike most other suppliers, our footage includes a small amount of overage at no additional charge, to allow for breakage.

All of our stones are available in standard chopped form and many are also available in sawn-bed form (the top and bottom edges are sawn to specific course heights).

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Winterset Limestone
Winterset® Limestone
Osage Creme Limestone
Osage Creme® Limestone
Worland Rustic Limestone
Worland Rustic® Limestone
MoSage Limestone
Wilkshire Limestone
Bandera® Sandstone
Blackjack Sandstone
Custom Blends


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